The limits of the Universe

In many areas meets term Universe, but each of them with a different meaning. Even in astronomy there are several interpretations. The first and simplest definition they give astronomers as: The universe represents everything we see. It would be observable universe, containing all the stars and galaxies, the closest to the most distant, which can be detected directly by receiving radiation they emit.


But observable universe is not far delineated. Its dimensions are growing, as the progress of science improves the working tools of astronomy telescopes, radio telescopes, satellites – observatories, space probes.

In another definition, the Universe would be all that is observable plus whatever might exist. This is the whole universe, forming more subject to mathematical and philosophical studies, which are known by extrapolating data from observable universe.

The third definition would encompass the whole universe is described by the known laws of physics. This is the physical universe, a slight extension of the observable Universe, including areas that  he not be observed directly, but whose presence can be inferred through its effects on some observable entities.

The universe would have existed for about 15 billion years after Stephen Hawking.

The universe has in its composition visible matter galaxies, stars, planets, asteroids, dust which represents about 10% of its total mass and dark matter and dark energy which would represent about 90% of the universe.

Physical universe and cosmology

The physical universe is the subject of cosmology. One of the main problems in cosmology is seeking to respond to the delimitation of the universe because there really a limit? Or the universe is infinite? One of the limits of the universe is known: it is the one imposed by the tools of observation, such as limited observation optical telescopes.

Every time more distant objects have been detected, the observations are great circle, and hence is great and observable universe.

For now we have not reached what might be called the end of the universe, although the strength to penetrate increasingly deeper into the universe grows continuously. In terms of cosmic dust clogging distant objects, it proved very weak, so apparently the dust is not so dense as to hinder the observations made so far.

But there is a limit of Knowledge Universe, a much larger share. It’s the speed limit. It is about the idea of the Universe expanding, which means that all objects in the universe moving away from us at speeds increasingly larger.

They removed these signals can arrive only by the critical situation in which a cell phone tracker is moving away from us with a speed almost equal to the speed of light.

The limits of the observable Universe would be 15 billion light-years distant galaxies because it moves at the speed of light 85-90%, which means that what’s beyond them / they not physically see.

So we see with the most advanced telescopes or cosmological horizon is universal. For us, at least for now, there are traces the limits of the universe.


After Pokemon Go, hackers launch Pokemon Go Guide

The Pokemon Go is the most played game in the recent year. The players have really fallen in love with the game. The way in which you go around your block using the GPRS system and catch the new Pokemon is really awesome. Whether you are taking a walk or traveling to a far-off place, this game can be your best partner. You have to catch the Pokemon by throwing the Pokeballs at them. Once you get them, you have to feed them and train them. There are also training centers where you can go and have fun with them. The training centers can heal them and can also perfect their skills. This game is really the real-time gaming.

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 25: Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City on July 25, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Hacking in Pokemon Go

Loving something does not mean that you can get it anyhow. There are certain constraints that you must respect. When it gets to the notorious minds, you can expect anything. The hackers have worked day and night to find a hack for the game.

The hack is capable of putting down the U6 encryption, and that made it possible to make an unofficial API. This time, the hack is really working out, and people are using it to play unfair.

They explained the technical aspects of how the hack works and let the people play the game unfair. Here is how the hack works for the people.

What does the hack do?

The hack is a way that will override the restrictions of the GPRS. The hack enables the bots in the game. The GPRS restriction that Niantic enforced gets overridden by the hack. You can stay at one place and can play the bot that can take you anywhere. You do not have to be actually at the place to catch the rarest Pokemon. You can be in the streets of Islamabad and catch the Pokemon in the USA. That is surely the most unfair way to play the game. The hack is available in the form of apps that allow you to have this unofficial advantage. Get them downloaded and have the game in a manner that you won’t like.

Will the players be punished for using the hack?
Niantic sure has a way to stop people hacking into their system and play the game unfair. The game people love and play fair. They do not want anyone to have an illegal advantage. Thus, they found a way. They will punish the player that is playing it unfair. They have an awesome way to deal with this. They simply check what you are doing and you know they can do that. After finding something fishy, they will ban you from the game, and you will not be able to play it again. Now think a bit. For a person who has caught so many of the pokemons and then gets banned for pokemon  go cheats, this is really a hard, passive punishment. This is the best Niantic could do. They may not be able to catch the hackers, but they can sure catch the one using it.

All about computers

Since ancient times, people have counted, considered and measures things thing, have passed tally and communicated to people about these things. These things could be the number of sheep in a flock, the weight of a child, the size of a field, the time elapsed since the last drought or intensity of an earthquake. Since ancient times, people used tools and techniques that help them to count more accurately, measure more precisely, to keep a tally or make notes which they can keep more time to transmit more accurately. They used for this purpose, for example, rulers, sextants, scales and  balances, watched, etc.


The name „Computer” does not bring us much in mind of the small pocket device that solves mathematical calculations faster than we can do. Now denotes something big, strong, able to make like easier in thousand of years. The central unit is, in short, the brain of the computer. Originate here and here commands are processed information will reach us later.


There is more to know about this part, but most are technical things, so initially it is enough to remember that all power is concentrated here in computer. Outside, on the front of the CPU, we see three important elements:

– start button: is the largest button and pressing that button once, briefly, on it, start the computer. In some ccases, for example when the computer stops responding, we can close by pressing and holding the same button until de power is interrupted, but this method is not recommended.

– reset button: is a little button, located near the start button. He forces the unit to resume from the beginning instructions as if she had just been lit computer. It is useful when the computer no longer responding to any commands.

– CD – ROM: Pressing the Eject button opens a compartment where we can insert a CD or a DVD or to read data written on them, wither to transfer computer data. Now there are methods of data storage more efficient and faster than a CD, but we will talk about them later.

Monitor is one component that mediates between user and computer. The monitor looks like a TV in a certain way. IS one component that mediates between user and computer. The monitor looks like a TV in a certain way, that is. The monitor has a start – stop button when the computer is recommended, but not required, to close the monitor to save energy.

Mouse is one of the two essential devices with which you work. The arrow that we see on the screen is called the cursor and mimics the movements we make with the mouse.

Keyboard I’m sure you are familiar with the system QWERTY, the same used on typewriters, but computer keyboard are more complex, and perhaps more complicated, so i booked a separate article to show you how to use each key, which key combinations and what effect there. As i said, these four elements are essential to use a computer effectively.

Tron and SmartWatch

TRON film was a success with the public in the 80s and continued TRON Legacy of 2010 brought new fans interested in games, costumes and anything that might bring a bit of atmosphere science fiction franchise.

The concept was taken over by the manufacturer of watches TokioFlash Japan, specializing in non-standard models with unique design-oriented audience passionate about technology.


Seven Kisa was inspired by TRON, the design being proposed by a fan blog TokioFlash and voted one of the most popular. The company decided to turn the concept into a real product, taking in most of the original idea and appearance.

This very popular watch devent systems it owns. It contains an application called  phone number tracker and can locate any mobile device using only phone number. Phone number for this device exists only tracker and not find online.

The watch is distinguished by two rings of light that pulses created by mini LED displays, light strips and two L-shaped Both Side. Without language, secondary numbers or any other graphic elements common to ordinary watch.

The optical effect achieved makes the watch look like a disk TRON, a trade mark or logo transformed into various series toys. The watch is sold in two versions, with white and blue LED lighting, the latter being, of course, closer to the original design and colors commonly used in representations of TRON.

Kisa Seven is made of soft plastic with metal edges and clasps, ensuring adequate contrast black with bright elements.

The strap is adjustable and the manufacturer recommends to be careful when being cut to size to not thereafter be too low. How was designed strap allows perfect molding on several dimensions, the clock may be too large or too small for some users.

TokioFlash chose an unusual way to conceal connector for recharging covering it with a Surubel. To recharge the battery included which supplies LED screens, you must use tiny screwdriver that comes with the watch.

Charging can be done via a USB cable included in the package connected to a PC or a compatible charger, but probably should not have more than 1000 mAh. However, depending on usage, the battery should take about a month, so will not repeat too often.

The manufacturer believes that it’s easy to read the exact time, but at first glance, it’s a little unclear. Central light ring indicates the hours, the outer ring of 5 in five minutes, and L-shaped band below shows the minutes from 1 to 4. Simple, right? Perhaps the picture below is clearer than the description providing two examples hours.

The clock has four lighting modes: continuous – constant pulsating screens to indicate the hour, every 30 seconds or 5 minutes – clock lights on and off at specified intervals, or permanently extinguished. Of course, for the last three modes, it is possible to press one of two buttons, the screen becomes brighter for 10 seconds.


Selena Gomez Interview for Fans

Hello friends today we will talk about Selena Gomez famous singer and artist. We’ll start with tattoos that they have this celebrity.

Fans did not come to believe when they noticed that Selena Gomez and drawing on it made the skin. The young woman obsessed with tattoos should have a new tattoo, which many hope to be temporary. You can now communicate with this celebrity by Selena Gomez Phone Number and send messages and help but is not going to have a telephone.


After attending the MET Gala 2016 Selena Gomez refused to go to any after party with pretensions in favor of a restricted meeting with three of my best friends. When heading to her former Disney star was spotted by paparazzi, who have posed particular part of the body.

Dressed in a black shirt and jeans with wide views of the abdomen, Selena left on demand balance that has, more recently, a horse My Little Pony. Seeing him, the fans immediately drew the conclusion that it had made a new tattoo and wondered if it’s permanent or temporary.

Young artist admitted to being obsessed with tattoos and you can not help but draw their skin. She already has a G behind the ear, her mother’s birth date on the back, a message ribs, a musical note on a wrist and scored on foot.

Mother Mandy gave birth to Selena when she was 16, her parents divorced in 1997. Nearly 10 years later was remarried Brian Teefy.

Selena signed a contract with Hollywood Records just before the 16th anniversary of his.

Selena Gomez granted us an interview writing and should read it:

How you found sense of style?54eea1703320f_-_sev-selena-gomez-street-style-03-de

Selena Gomez: I started to notice celebrities whose style I liked. I cut pictures of your favorite outfits that you saw in magazines and when I went shopping, they’re asking the seller to help me find related articles.

What secrets have excellent over from make-up artists you worked with?

Selena Gomez: Because there must always be wearing makeup in terms of my work, every makeup artist tells me it is always better to use less makeup when I can, to prevent stains.


Prefer designer clothes or store?

Selena Gomez: I do not give the head to wear designer clothes. Just choose the things that I think are beautiful, whether exclusive or a clothes shop secondhand.

More details about Selena gomez and other celebrities phone found on

Many girls feel insecure about their bodies. What is the secret of confidence in your body?

Selena Gomez: When I hear that, it saddens me greatly because I have the same problems. Everyone talks about beauty – what looks good and what products or would make beautiful clothes. But for me, confidence is beauty. If you believe in yourself and you can exit without worry about how you look if you have enough makeup or if you wear the right clothes, then it is beautiful. I do not want to ever popularized the idea that a certain look is beautiful. I do not want to encourage never anything but be yourself.

Windows 7 Keyboard Secrets

Technology is changing from day to day, gadgets have all sorts of functions that always surprise us, but there seems to be something that everyone uses and not turned too much in recent years.
Have you noticed a bump on F and J keys on the keyboard? No, not for people with visual impairments

Keyboard Secrets

Keyboard that we use every time you use your computer has not undergone too many changes, but one thing caught our attention right from the start. Certainly everyone has noticed that the letters “F” and “J” on the keyboard are two small bumps and not intended for blind people as everyone thought.

The two edges have been designed specifically to help people to realize where they are positioned on the keyboard without looking. The theory behind this decision is that if we keep the index finger of both hands on the F and J, then cover with the left hand keys A, S and D, and with the right K and L. Both thumbs should sit Space.

The idea belongs to E. Botich, who even recorded this patent.

Few are those who know what it’s really this button on the keyboard. Windows key can significantly ease the daily work on the computer.
Surely you know this button on the keyboard. But there are few people who know what it’s really

In combination with other buttons on the keypad, this WIN simply do wonders. All you have to do is to learn these combinations and move to another level of computer use.

Useful Functions:

1. WIN: access the menu START

2. WIN + B: lets you choose the icon in the panel system needed

3. WIN + D: This keyboard shortcut will show display

4. WIN + E: Windows Explorer accesses

5. WIN + F: Find the combination accesses without using the mouse

6. WIN + L: locks the computer

7. WIN + M: minimizes all windows

8. WIN + P: helps you connect an additional monitor

9. WIN + R: Run dialog box accesses

10. WIN + T: access control panel

11. WIN + U: Center allows you to access special access possibilities

12. WIN + X: In Windows 7 this combination mobile application accesses Center. In Windows 8 – Start menu

13. WIN + Pause: access system properties

14. WIN + CTRL + 1 + 2 + 3: ensure navigation to different windows program

15. WIN + F1: access control center of Windows

16. WIN + Up Arrow: expand the window fullscreen

17. WIN + Left or Right Arrow: compress window on the right or left

18. WIN + SHIFT + Left or Right arrow: Move the window to another monitor

19. WIN KEY + +: increases the scale screen

20. WIN + KEY -: screen shrinks